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Christmas Diary - Cooking Game

Tools & Technologies

iOS, Xcode, Android, Unity


Step into a winter wonderland of culinary delight with our Christmas Diary Cooking Game!

Are you ready to become the ultimate Christmas manager in the cooking world game? Get your apron on and prepare for a delicious adventure in an American holiday kitchen.

Cooking Games Galore:
Indulge your inner chef with a fantastic array of cooking games. From baking cookies to crafting traditional American Christmas dishes, this game has it all. Are you up for the challenge?

Christmas Manager Challenge:
Take on the role of a Christmas manager and lead your kitchen to greatness! Can you handle the hustle and bustle of the holiday season while delivering perfect dishes?

Cooking World Game:
Embark on a journey through a vibrant cooking world, brimming with festive flavors and excitement. Travel through culinary regions, mastering American cuisine, and spreading Christmas cheer!

All-American Cuisine:
Explore the rich and diverse world of American cuisine as you cook up a storm in your Christmas kitchen. From classic comfort foods to regional specialties, it's a taste of the USA!

Holiday-Themed Fun:
Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit with this delightful game. Engage in festive activities, play mini-games, and experience the joy of holiday traditions.

Join the Christmas Game:
This isn't just a cooking game; it's a Christmas fever game extravaganza! Gather your friends and family for hours of holiday-themed fun.

Game Features

Challenging Cooking Levels:
Test your culinary skills in a wide range of challenging cooking levels. Can you achieve the coveted 3-star rating for each dish?

Delicious Recipes:
Discover a treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes, including secret family favorites and classic Christmas treats.

Holiday Soundtrack:
Get into the holiday spirit with a cheerful Christmas soundtrack that accompanies your culinary adventures.

* 6+ restaurants in a single free American cooking game!

Unleash your inner chef, manage your way to the top, and create a culinary masterpiece in our Christmas Diary Cooking Game. Download now and let the festivities begin!

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